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Sparky doesn't give a f*ck about you and your lightning bolts Zeus.

Everything about this is epic. This outrageously lucky bison from Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa survived being struck by lightning in 2013.

At this point we're unclear whether or not Sparky's spar with the afterlife bestowed him any supernatural gifts, but seriously, stay tuned.

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Around six-feet of snow covered the Buffalo area Tuesday, thanks to a lake-effect snowstorm, trapping residents and stopping traffic. Deaths have been reported as well, 3 of which were from heart attacks.

And another 2-feet of snow is reportedly on the way. Not good.

Here's some news you might have missed:

Gov. Cuomo has deployed the National Guard [NY Daily News]

A drone toughed out the storm, and the footage is insane. (see video above) [James Grimaldi]

For some reason, the University at Buffalo did not cancel classes, and commenters on Facebook found this very amusing. [dan_blather]

The storm did not stop this baby from being born. [WIVB]

Some suburbs around Buffalo got close to breaking the record for 24-hour snowfall [NWS Buffalo]

This photo is why flying is probably NOT a good idea during a storm. [USA Today]

Here's your lake effect. Someone shot a timelapse of the storm as it crossed over Lake Erie into the city. [Alfonzo Cutaia]

And as always: the memes are coming. [scy1192]