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Last night, Alan Ferrier from Edienburg, Scottland, did the impossible: He improved the perfect wikipedia photo caption. With the addition of the word “right” to this photo of a man playing bagpipes and an “indifferent” penguin, Ferrier showed the world the power of editing Wikipedia for hilarious, and factual, gains.

That’s when things took a turn. Twitter began editing this picture of Piper Kerr, who is on the right, ok?

Then found other pictures that could use more facts, like this one of seated economist Guy Standing.

Users found numerous captions in need of extra truth, like this one of Cecil the Lion’s brother, Jericho the Lion, who is also a lion.

And some they didn’t have to caption at all:

It just goes to show that there can never be too much truth in the world.

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Take a look at this ruthless criminal.

A boy in Victoria, Australia named Sam Box came home Monday to find a koala attempting to drive away with his family's Land Rover.

He took a bunch of photos of the suspect before he fled the scene.

"I opened the door and he just got out and walked away," said the boy.

Koala sightings are fairly common in the area around their sheep farm, according to his father, but they're not usually trying to steal their car.

The only way to properly honor this thieving marsupial is to caption him in all his glory! We'll post the good ones.

Even if he could even reach the pedals with his stubby little legs, his driving would probably look something like this.