Trending Cincinnati Bengals Harambe Petition
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Harambe, the magical ape who touched our fuzzy hearts now has a petition to name the Cincinnati Bengals after him. I can't think of a better way to kick Tom Brady's ass than by a band of gorillas.

There is already a petition to rename Humboldt Park after him, so we'll see if Cincinnati can get their sh*t together and honor this fine creature of nature.


Netflix changes the sexist, culturally insensitive Pocahontas description.
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Dr. Adrienne K., owner of the Native Appropriations blog, just wanted to watch a movie, and it led to Netflix changing the description for Pocahontas.

While scrolling through Netflix, she came upon the 1995 Disney film and immediately found the description sexist and disrespectful of native peoples.

Here's the original description:

Dr. Adrienne took to Twitter for a short appeal:

And then wrote a longer one on her blog.

...[T]hese movies all have well developed romance plot lines, but their (white, male) protagonists get to save things, fight people, have adventures, and be 'lord of the jungle'–they are not defined by their romantic relationships in the film.

Br> After the post and the sizable Internet agreement, Netflix actually responded directly to Dr. Adrienne and admitted fault.

The new description tells a decidedly different story.