The Waiting Wall spreads the secrets of London Commuters
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Warning sailors: Here be feels.

Alan Donohoe and Steven Parker have concocted a way to make London commuters share and experience the deepest confessions, fears and joys of their fellow humans. During the Brighton Digital Festival, from Sept. 21-27, the two artists have installed The Waiting Wall at the Brighton Station. There commuters can share their inner-most thoughts anonymously and the messages will randomly appear on the large screen.

The project's website explains where they received the inspiration.

In September 2015 commuters will notice a new digital display at Brighton Station. Brighton digital creatives, Free the Trees will be displaying a timetable themed digital display called 'The Waiting Wall'.

Standing on the concourse waiting for yet another delayed, overcrowded train, will become a rare eye-opening and uplifting experience. Inspired by the book Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton, 'The Waiting Wall', referencing commuters' experiences, is an electronic display of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, "that would anonymously broadcast our inner woes," thereby reminding us that "we are none of us alone in the extent of our troubles and lamentations."

Some are just regular worries, some are deep emotional expressions and some are fervent wishes.

If you'd like to watch the messages as they appear, or even add one of your own, visit the wall's website.