12 Awkward Moments Found on Old People Facebook

Using social media requires a little bit of grace. We forgive them for not having the hang of the internet.

awkward old people on facebook
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Mean guy punches an elderly man over Nutella at Costco.
Via LA Times
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I mean, we all love Nutella, but damn.

An altercation erupted over some Nutella waffles in a Burbank Costco Sept. 22. But it wasn't a fair fight at all.

The LA Times describes how an elderly man got punched for trying to teach moderation.

Derrick Gharabighi, 24, was at the warehouse store in Burbank on Sunday when he walked over to the Nutella sample station. As the elderly shopper reached out to grab one, Gharabighi snatched all the Nutella samples, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

That's when Gharabighi reportedly punched the man in the face. The man was hospitalized with a one-inch cut and swelling above his left eye, Guillen said.

Gharabighi, a Burbank resident, was arrested and is being held on $50,000 bail, police said.

He faces one count of elder abuse, as well as the special allegation that he inflicted great bodily harm on the elderly man, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. If Gharabighi is convicted, he faces up to 11 years in state prison.

A $50,000 bail and the possibility of 11 years sounds steep for getting really hangry, but it still was a complete d*ck move.

Settle down, Nutella lovers.

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By Unknown
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When Joan Rivers got wind that Costco wasn't selling her latest book, I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me, she took a bullhorn to a Burbank store location on Tuesday and accused the big-box retailer of violating her First Amendment rights:

Costco should not be like Nazi Germany! Next thing they'll be burning the Bible.

Security guards then surrounded her, so she handcuffed herself to a customer's cart.

Apparently, Costco has refused to carry her book because of two made-up quotes on the back cover:

"Wilt Chamberlain: 'Even if I were alive I wouldn't f**k her.' "Marie Antoinette: 'I don't like her. Let her eat sh*t.'"

Costco let the 79-year-old Rivers go without having her arrested, but the worst insult was yet to come:

They kicked me out without giving me any free samples.