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Bride Wants To Airbrush Over Bridesmaid's Tattoos

Gotta love how this bride says she doesn't want to be "that bride" and then proceeds to be exactly that bride. Weddings seem to have that uncanny knack for bringing out people's inner toxic perfectionist. Sometimes people like this bride can get so caught up in trying to make sure everything fits their vision for the perfect day, that they end up being way more insensitive than they'd ever normally be. We've got to hope that's the case for this bride. Check out some more wedding drama with this bridezilla Karen who ended up looking like a pauper at her own wedding.

Bride wants to airbrush over her bridesmaid's tattoos | SOS need advice comes large tats. My foster sister has few very large mural tattoos on her arms! She is only one wedding who will have tattoos showing paying lot perfect wedding and photographer so am really struggling with do do not want be bride, but they are going stand out like sore thumb as they are very vibrant. Do ask airbrush make up lady go over them as know 's possible or do work with photographer and see if she could edit them
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Olympics commentary finally was worth watching this weekend, when a Bachelorette party crashed the BBC's coverage

The bride, Maria, refused to end her 15 Minutes of Fame, but paid back the favor by giving the network some free publicity by having her party chant "BBC! BBC!" for the cameras...

The commentator, Scott Bryan, didn't seem to mind...

...and even followed up with her the next day

The cutie finally ended her brief guest starring role by signing off with the "call me" sign....

Here's to hoping her husband doesn't mind her public lack of marital commitment.