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gofundme beyonce tour Multiple People Have Started GoFundMe Campaigns to Buy Tickets for Beyonce's Tour
Via gofundme
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GoFundMe is a crowdfunding website that's becoming notorious as a place for people to ask friends and family to donate to their frivolous cause.  Sure, there are people asking for help with charity, life-threatening illness and general disaster. There are also many people asking for money to buy tickets to Beyonce's Formation Tour. 

Most of the campaigns also include a paragraph about how much they love Beyonce and how their dreams of finally seeing her will come true. Some are more simple than that, but at least honest.

Another campaigner wants $2,000 for FRONT ROW seats. She also has a paragraph about her love of Beyonce and here's how she explains her reasoning for asking for money to buy a $2,000 concert ticket:

Help me get to front row, and please don't hate I just figure everyone else has a fund so why not Addie? Give until it hurts people!  #FormtionTour #Addieonfrontrow

She's got a point, if everyone else is doing it why no go big?