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Dana Scully Barbie Is Solving 'X-Files' and Looking Fabulous on Instagram

A lot of people love the X-Files, especially now that it's back on TV. Now someone has recreated Dana Scully in miniature for the fans that just can't get enough. She's relentlessly working cases, pausing only to take an occasional selfie and add a filter. The truth is out there, and you just might find it in your Instagram feed.

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FOX, hearing you salivate like ravenous dogs you are, dropped more footage for The X Files' January return July 16.

Following their pattern of only releasing the tiniest bit of information possible at a time, the new teaser gives fans only 15 seconds, hinting at what's to come.

But, let's be even more obvious here. It's really just seven slightly-moving still frames that only give the barest of information. Either FOX just doesn't have that much to show.or they have a marketing strategy developed from the ancient art of Chinese water torture.

Let's look at those frames now:

What do you think? Spaceship? Probably a spaceship. Though it could also be some terribly designed tire.

These guys don't look too happy. Are they walking to the spaceship?

Someone dragging bloody bodies. Maybe away from the spaceship? Maybe to the spaceship?

Someone getting a weird shot. It's probably a vaccination against spaceship flu.

Someone having trouble believin'.

Shouldn't that poster be super old and yellowed by now? It's been decades.

Oh, and Mulder's in it. But you knew that.

And Scully, too.

And that's it!

Well, FOX will no doubt let some more footage slip through its grabby fingers sometime before the January 24 six-episode miniseries begins. We'll just have to keep believin' until that happens.