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Some things we just believe to be unequivocally true. Water is wet. The sun rises in the east. Daniel Larusso was the good guy in Karate Kid

Well, what if we've been lied to our entire lives?? This video discusses that possibility and very rightly points out that Mr. Miyagi was a "child-batterer".

It argues that Daniel was the aggressor from the beginning, picked up the feud months after it had ended and enlisted the help of a strange man, hell bent on underage violence.

It gives you plenty to think about regarding this classic movie, but it alway begs so many more questions: Is Santa actually real? Do my parents not love me? Maybe Donald Trump will win the presidency.

In the end, as the video states, "Daniel is granted strength by the demon sorcerer Miyagi."

The sun will probably rise in the west tomorrow.