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making a murderer movies A Second Season for Netflix Sensation 'Making a Murderer' Has Been Confirmed and People Are Already Taking Bets on Who Will Play Steven Avery in the Movie
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Making a Murderer is the chronicling of a real life murder case.  Like the popular podcast Serial before it, the Netflix show examines the investigation, the trial and the various failings within the US legal system. Ultimately viewers are waiting on the edge of their seats to find out the answer to the real question: Did he do it? 

Based on the many articles and posts either declaring the accused and convicted Steven Avery's innocence or shedding light on some key evidence the 10 episode documentary tends to gloss over, it's clear that we just don't know.  According to the Mirror, a second season has just been confirmed. Hopefully, this time it will be able to provide some closure. 

Meanwhile, a sports betting site is guessing that a movie based on Making a Murderer will be out by 2020 and they're giving odds on who will play Steven Avery.  

Fargo actor Billy Bob Thornton shares favouritism for the role with Danny McBride, of Eastbound & Down, at 9/2.

Here's hoping we get to see Danny McBride as Steven Avery team up with James Franco as Brendan Dassey in a comedy of errors that leads to their eventual imprisonment.