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Meet the newest member of New Jersey's finest: Donald Duck.

On Halloween, New Jersey police in Ft. Lee used a cop dressed in a Donald Duck mascot suit to try to catch drivers who weren't yielding to pedestrians.

Donald would step into the crosswalk, and if the cars didn't stop, police would chase them down further down the road.

One of the women who didn't stop for Donald was Karen Haigh, who received a $230 fine and was terrified more than anything else.

"They told me that I was getting a ticket for not stopping for a duck," she said. "But it scared me. I'm a woman. This huge duck scared me."

But what about Donald Duck? Lurking around the city pantsless must be breaking some sort of decency law in New Jersey too, right?

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Den Lille Grimme Aelling (The Ugly Duckling) follows the life and times of Disney's Donald Duck, presented as a hardboiled Danish crime flick by Icelandic comedy group Mid-Island.

It's a direct jab at Lars Von Trier's "Dogme 95" filmmaking manifesto.

From the creators:

Donald leads a tormented life on the unforgiving streets of Duckburg, where sometimes he must betray his own conscience to make ends meet.

It's a duck-blur!

(Sort of not safe for work, Danish swears)