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Pharrell Williams demands to have a framed picture of Carl Sagan.
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Pop stars can pretty much demand whatever they want. And Pharrell Williams wants a framed picture of Carl Sagan.

The Smoking Gun got a hold of Williams' tour rider for his 2015 performances. And among the various specified food and drinks is the desire to have a protected picture of the late astronomer looking down on him with supposed kindly pride.

The 42-year-old Williams has spoken of being obsessed with Sagan since watching the original "Cosmos" series when he was a child. The Sagan photo demand actually appears twice in Williams's list of dressing room requirements.

The "Happy" singer's backstage digs must also contain Patron tequila, Ketel One vodka, gluten-free bread and crackers, Pedialyte, Cetaphil cleansing wipes and lotion, and a "box of matches (Very Important)."

He's even documented it on his Instagram account.

The perfect rider...candy, Pedialyte and Carl Sagan.

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Here's the full list of his demands to keep him 'Happy':