Boeing Capsule Succeeds In Abort Test

Boeing's Starliner capsule has just completed an abort test when a test dummy inside the capsule parachuted to Earth from almost a mile high. Although only two of three parachutes were deployed, NASA said that the test was successful. This is another step closer to getting more people in space and on other planets. And that's exciting. 

boeing starliner capsule just completed test to check how it aborts passengers
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A man called 911 because a cat stole his bacon.
Via King5
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So, a very upset Englishman had a problem that would only happen in your nightmares.

His girlfriend let the cat eat his bacon and he desperately wants the police to come in and assert some justice. His suffering cannot be measured and has sent shockwaves across the globe for those who crave righteousness for such a heinous situation.

News outlets are reporting it even over the pond.:

An Englishman called the emergency line for the West Yorkshire Police recently to report that his girlfriend had let his feline eat his bacon. And not only that, but he wanted to move forward with charges on both the kitty and the girlfriend.

Here's a video that includes the audio of that very important emergency phone call in question:

If this man cannot find justice, where does it exist in the world?