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Zooey Deschanel's Siri ad continues to draw the ire of people everywhere who are tired of her "trying-to-be-cute-by-trying-to-be-a-moron-but-it's-all-set-to-acoustic-guitars-so-it's-okay" aesthetic. Some brilliant mind out there created a Zooey Asks Siri Twitter that features probable questions that the Queen of Twee would ask her iPhone. Such gems include:

  • Siri, can you recycle dust bunnies?
  • Siri, make a note: "I mean, how much basil does tomato soup need, am I right? It's like, what am I, a basil monster?"
  • Siri, make a mote [sic]: "Boobs are kind of weird, you know? They're like, bags of jiggly tofu under your skin."

Deschanel has yet to comment, though HelloGiggles will probably do a mock "Siri Asks Zooey" blog post in which they defend their Queen/co-founder from the meanies of the Internets.