flux capacitor

Back to the Future DeLorean golf cart.
Via xsports
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We've got to go back — to the golf course!

With the quick approach of Oct. 21 2015, which is the final date in Back to the Future 2, it seems like many people are looking to commemorate the event.

A team led by David and Vicki Heykants, John Perrin and Lucas Evanochko created this beautiful contraption to auction of for the Red Deer College's 30th Annual Golf Classic.

As they say in the videos description:

During a time of hoverboards and PhunkeeDucks, it only makes sense that we see a DeLorean golf cart.

...The only things missing are the gull-wing doors.

Detailed on the team's website, they show off the flux capacitor and the Mr. Fusion power source in the back. This thing has everything.

Take a look at a video of the whole beautiful thing:

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Great Scott!

You may not know this, but Oct. 21 will mark the end date of the story in Back to the Future 2.

While we don't have huge hologram Jaws, self-lacing sneakers or hoverboards (At least not in any widely available, fun-looking form), we will get a special feature story featuring the likes of Christopher Lloyd reentering his role as Doc Brown.

This teaser is only a brief snippet of what we can expect when Universal rereleases the trilogy of excellent films (though the third is not-quite-as-excellent) on that notable date.

Until then you can just watch this brief trailer trying to unravel its mysteries about how Doc Brown will go about saving the world, and what exactly is causing the danger.

Probably some even more ancient Biff.