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Word to the wise: If you’re stuck in the middle seat between two family members, don’t have a total racist, homophobic freak out. Put on your headphones or something.

If only we could have offered that massage to this dude in the hat who went on a total bigotted tear on a United Airlines flight out of Auckland, NZ yesterday.

via Sapphire

According to SFist, “An angry man allegedly launched into a racist and homophobic rant after being seated between two other passengers of Indian or Pakistani descent on a San Francisco-bound flight out of Sydney on New Year's Day, leading to a confrontation with a flight attendant and the plane being diverted to Auckland and grounded there overnight.”

Can you imagine that? Being seated between two people who are talking. Ugh. What a nightmare! Well, that’s what this guy thought too. Apparently, his anger escalated from a rant about “Indians to Asians to Muslims to non-whites in general.” Imagine if he had just asked one his row mates to switch seats? After being asked to stop by flight attendant, whom he also had some words for, the pilot re-routed back to Auckland. He was then taken by police, where one might assume he got the middle seat in a cop car.

The whole experience was caught was caught by Neil Kay, who made some new friends because of the experience.  

Call me crazy, but it seems like they're having a better time than the dude who had the racist freak out.