Trend of The Day: People Are Faking Their Freckles For Beauty
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The grass is always greener on the other side—the freckle side that is.

A new company called Freck Yourself has launched a Kickstarter in hopes of funding their product, which promises to add natural-looking freckles to your body that last for two days.

If funded, the pack of 72 self-adhesive stencils would be available as early as February 2016.

The product promises to create natural freckles, which can't be achieved through traditional makeup.

There have always been two problems with creating artificial freckles. First, it's really hard to create a realistic pattern. Natural freckles have a random pattern & sizing variation, but freckles applied with a pencil are all the same shape of the pencil tip. Second, pencil or makeup freckles smudge really easily. Our product solves both of these problems.

So, will you get frecked?