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The arm was created by Enabling the Future, which has a chapter at Sienna College in Albany, New York. For its first project the Siena e-NABLE group made an Iron Man-themed hand for 5-year-old Jack Carder in Ohio.

In this case, nine-year-old Karissa Mitchell's (who was born without a right hand and most of her wrist) mother reached out to the group on campus, Siena College's director of marketing and communications said.

"She's watched the movie at least 100 times. We sing the songs all the time. We even have a karaoke machine that's 'Frozen'-themed," said Karissa's mother. The prosthetic was built using a 3-D printer and is comprised of 30 parts (it took near 30 hours to make).

To help Karissa achieve her dream of becoming a Disney princess, the team used "a pretty transparent ice blue color filament and added snowflakes to the forearm and her name with an Elsa crown on the cuff," said Alyx Gleason, the project lead and president of Siera e-NABLE. The arm also came with an Olaf LED light source.

Anyone who is in need of an arm or hand is encouraged to reach out to Siena e-NABLE.

lgbtq disney frozen 'Frozen' Fans Are Asking Disney to Give Elsa a Girlfriend, Because She Shouldn't Have to Rule Arendelle Alone
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Frozen came out in 2013 and kids everywhere are still singing "Let It Go" nonstop.  By now it's due for a sequel. Elsa finally came out of her shell by the end of the first movie, it makes sense for the next one to focus on her finding a prince. Now fans are saying, why not a princess? Using the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, Disney fans are campaigning for a diverse representation of love with their favorite ice queen. 

via @KenSergienko, @gmlively, @SwiftieMahomie@astronomyhoe

So far, the only LGBTQ representation in Disney movies has been something subtle that people read into: 

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But will that change by popular demand? 

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Straight up, this is a bit of a buzzkill Disney.

UK alcohol awareness groups threw up a collective nope to this 'Frozen' inspired product line, with concern these bottles would encourage underage drinking.

Wouldn't that make more sense if the bottles had booze in them to begin with? These groups are grasping at straws here, and a strategic subsequent move here on the part of any alcohol distributor would be to make haste, and implement an actual 'Frozen' inspired line of champagne.

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum just broke the relationship goals ceiling. As we wait in eager anticipation for Lip Sync Battles season two to debut beginning of January, we're able to enjoy this stellar sneak peak.

Invention of the Day: Company Creates Marvel, 'Star Wars' and 'Frozen' Bionic Arms For Kids
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Thanks to the Disney Accelerator Program, some lucky kids are getting the chance to make their dreams come true.

UK-based company Open Bionics is developing these super awesome prosthetic limbs for kids based on Iron Man, Star Wars, and Frozen.

"They won't have to do boring physical therapy, they'll train to become heroes. They're not just getting medical devices, they're getting bionic hands inspired by their favorite characters," the company said in a statement.

Disney has provided consultation on the project and royalty-free licensing.

Working with Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB and Disney creative teams, the 3D-printed arms are based on on Iron Man's gauntlet, a lightsaber and Queen Elsa's hand.

Stripping down and squatting like a frozen chicken is something New Zealanders are doing.
Via Frothpit
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Chicken kids these days.

A new trend is sweeping the small nation of New Zealand and it's spilling over onto other shores as well. That trend, in the same vein of planking, honors the frozen chicken. The humble, simple, frozen chicken.


It's called a 'Frozen Chook' because that sounds like something New Zealanders would say. Essentially, it involves taking off your clothes at a random place and squatting down like the raw bird. Oh, and taking pictures of it. Lots and lots of pictures.


Have hit the glorious 1000 likes mark! We are glad to see everyone is supporting the #frozenchook. Remember to send us footage of how clutch the #frozenchooks are in your area. We are now on instagram and will be posting from there also. Give us a follow and use the hashtag to explore a wider #frozenchook community.Baaaaa

Posted by Frozenchook on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Purveyors of the trend have set up a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account dedicated to spreading and collecting the best 'Frozenchook's they can find.

The future is in good hands.

Or should we say wings?

Scientists will reanimate a 30,000 year old frozen virus found in Siberia.
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Defying all common sense, a group of French researchers who recently found a 30,000-year-old virus buried in the frozen Siberian tundra want to reanimate it.

Oh, and it's also a 'giant virus' as well.

Science Alert has at least a little bit more on the confusing story

Mollivirus sibericum, which translates to "soft virus from Siberia", is the fourth such 'giant virus' discovered this century. The same team of scientists discovered another of these, Pithovirus sibericum, last year, and Mollivirus sibericum was isolated from the same sample of permafrost.

These prehistoric viruses are called 'giant viruses' because they're visible by light microscopy, with lengths greater than half a micron - a thousandth of a millimetre. As bugs go, they're big.

If the idea that scientists are going to wake this thing up sounds a little disconcerting – and, to be honest, it's not altogether unlike the opening scenes of a plague disaster movie – don't worry. The researchers say they will only revive the virus if they can be certain it's not a threat to animals or humans.

Of course it sounds like the beginning of a movie like Outbreak, but the idea of reintroducing a 30,000-year-old thing back into society also sounds a lot like Encino Man.

The reanimating is meant to be held in the context of our warming Earth. Over time, those frozen Siberian tundras ain't going to be so frozen anymore and the Brendan Frasers of the virus world will reawaken without the help of Pauly Shore scientists.

So, that's terrifying.

But there's still little in the way of explanation as to why these researchers want to reanimate this ancient virus. Either they are just doing it to do it, or they are servants of Cthulhu and this is how they call him to come devour our world.

The whole thing reminds me of the massive plan to blow up the moon.

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Queen Elsa made an brief cameo at a boring Senate Finance Committee hearing on Thursday.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was trying to speak, when “Let It Go” started blaring from across the room.

The culprit turned out to be Republican Sen. Pat Roberts from Kansas, who is apparently a closet “Frozen” fan.

“Aw, come on,” he said, turning it off while everyone in the room laughed. “Just let it go mister.”

A spokesperson later clarified to The Washington Post that the ringtone is actually for his kids. he also

“He balances it with Johnny Cash’s ‘I Walk the Line,'” she said. “He changes depending on the day.”

Riiiiight. Whatever you say Roberts.