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Gene Wilder had plenty of feedback for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory director Mel Stuart, some of which centered on his character's quirky wardrobe:

Dear Mel, I've just received the costume sketches. I'll tell you everything I think, without censoring, and you take from my opinion what you like. ... I don't think of Willy as an eccentric who holds on to his 1912 Dandy's Sunday suit and wears it in 1970, but rather as just an eccentric -- where there's no telling what he'll do or where he ever found his get-up -- except that it strangely fits him: Part of this world, part of another. A vain man who knows colors that suit him, yet, with all the oddity, has strangely good taste. Something mysterious, yet undefined. ... Slime green trousers are icky. But sand colored trousers are just as unobtrusive for your camera, but tasteful. The hat is terrific, but making it 2 inches shorter would make it more special. Also a light blue felt hat-band to match with the same light blue fluffy bow tie shows a man who knows how to compliment his blue eyes. To match the shoes with the jacket is fey. To match the shoes with the hat is taste. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon. All my best, Gene