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If you thought a Google Street View vehicle hitting a donkey was reckless, try a triple hit-and-run attempt involving two mini-vans and a truck. Apparently that's what happened in Bogor, Indonesia yesterday, when a Google Street View driver crashed into multiple cars while trying to flee from the first collision with a mini-van. According to the local officials, it all began when the driver crashed his Subaru hatchback into a public minivan while on the job, but upon arriving at a repair garage nearby to sort out the damage and the cost, the driver panicked and tried to drive away, though he eventually gave up after crashing into a second bus and a parked truck less than two miles away from the scene. While the driver's name or the total cost of damages remain unknown, the police says the driver was released after sorting out the payments for the vehicles and had he not tried to dodge the initial bill, it would have cost somewhere around 200,000 rupiah, or about $17.