Government Nig

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Lots of discussion this morning about whether or not Santorum caught himself starting to say the N-word while describing Barack Obama during a recent speech in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Footage from the event shows Santorum characterizing candidate Obama as "the anti-war government nig-" before stopping himself with a filled pause and abruptly heading in a different direction.

There are several alternate theories out there which suggest Santorum was trying to say something (relatively) innocuous, and merely stumbled in an unfortunate place. One such theory claims Santorum was actually calling Obama a "governmentnik." While plausible, "governmentnik" isn't really something someone's ever called anyone.

This wouldn't be Santorum's first brush with racial remarks. He previously came under fire for allegedly singling out black people as welfare recipients. He later claimed he stumbled on a word, which he couldn't recall, but definitely wasn't "black."