Heinz ketchup can't be called ketchup in Israel.
Via Mashable
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Would a ketchup by any other name still taste as sweet? Probably.

Legally, in Israel, Heinz ketchup must now be called 'tomato seasoning' because it straight up doesn't have enough tomato in it to be called an actual ketchup product. Gross.

As Mashable reports;

After a complaint levied by local competitor Osem, the Health Ministry agreed that since Heinz does not contain at least 10% tomato solids, it can't legally be called ketchup.

However, Osem's victory may be shortlived. Haaretz reports that Heinz's local importer, Diplomat, is working with the Health Ministry to legally change the definition of ketchup from containing 10% to 6% tomato solids. In the meantime, English labels may still retain the term "ketchup."

This paired with a recent outcry over the lack of actual almonds in almond milk signals a rise in consumer awareness.

Heinz better put some more tomato in their ketchup stat, or face some kind of seasoning stigma and be thought a lesser product.

Would you eat some tomato seasoning with your fries?