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It's the feel-good story of the day: Redditor Logan Fernandes on Sunday shared the life-saving heroics of an Indiana firefighter who saved a kitty from a fire when it seemed all hope was lost.

Fernandes reported that his mom's neighbor Vincent, whom Fernandes called "mentally challenged," had left a candle burning in his apartment and one of his cats knocked it over.

He came home to his house in flames. After being told there were no other people inside, the fireman were resigned to let the cats go. While the guy was having an emotional breakdown about losing his cats ("They're all I've got!" he kept saying) one of the firefighters searched for nearly 15 minutes and found one alive. [H]e stayed outside giving it mouth to mouth and oxygen for 20 minutes until she started purring again. Needless to say, he's f*cking awesome.

Domino was taken to a vet, who promised the kitty is going to make a full recovery. Meanwhile, Reddit users have raised more than $3,500 for Vincent, who lost his other three cats and his apartment in the fire. He's managing, but "having a hard time with it."

Still no word on the identity of the hero fireman.