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Fail of The Day: Woman Loses Winning Horse Race After Posting Ticket Barcode on Facebook
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Well, that win was short-lived.

A woman identified only as "Chantelle" by an Australian radio station made one very costly mistake after winning $825 on a 100-to-1 horse race bet.

She took a selfie with her ticket and posted it to Facebook. DOH!

To her dismay, someone saw the barcode of the winning ticket in her photo and used it to claim her winnings.

"To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You're a massive d*ck. You ruined my day," she wrote on Facebook.

She told the radio station that police were able to track where the money was claimed, so she might get some sweet redemption.

But you kind of have to give it to the person who claimed the cash.

That was genius.

breakdown Horse Racing weekend read - 6217647360
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You needn't know anything about horses, nor horse racing, nor even the damn Kentucky Derby to get sucked into "Breakdown," a horrifying New York Times investigation into horse injuries and deaths at race tracks across America.

Award-winning reporters Joe Drape and Walt Bogdanich spent months analyzing three years of race reports -- 150,000 in all -- and their findings, laid bare in the ongoing, multi-story series, have prompted at least one state to take a closer look at its lack of law and order regarding horse doping.

Not to be missed.