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hot topic employee deals with strange customer dragon guardian
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You think it’s annoying dealing with Jeremy from accounting, try dealing with this dude who will soon become “The Eternal Dragon Guardian of Time.”

This Hot Topic employee is a real champ, engaging in the ramblings of royal being from another realm. How nice of them to respond to a statement like “my scales are turning gold, like my father’s” with “Well, that’s good then.” Or this classic exchange:

"I do not have rights to your soul."

"Oh, yeah, for real."

How else can you respond?

It’s hard to imagine a GAP employee or Hollister cashier having a light-hearted chat with a deity whose human form resembles Kevin Smith, but that’s why Hot Topic employees deserve a metal. Not only are they selling shirts that read “Can’t Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me,” but also they are the keepers of the peace between the human realm and the dragon realm, using the calming language of “Oh my goodness” and “Honest in all honesty.”

Originally posted by Twitter user @pamyuprince, the words of the Hot Topic employee shall ring through time, so that all may hear the dragon lord'a dictation. Also, someone made a mockup of one of their best lines on a shirt: