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Iggy Azalea has a weird Twitter feud with a superhero fan site.
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Iggy Azalea on Twitter is like the bizzaro J.K. Rowling on Twitter.

They both should have far better things to do with their time and money, yet both actively engage with apparently whomever reaches out to them on the social network. The difference is that Rowling likes to set fans straight and guide them to better understanding, whereas Azalea just picks fights.

Last night, the Twitter account SuperheroFeed made this rather lame joke, just cause:

For whatever reason, Iggy decided to set things straight.

That would not stand for the honorable heroes of Superhero Feed. They felt the dire need to stand up and defend themselves.

They referred to the reports that Iggy had a lot of help writing her breakout hit Fancy.

Azalea then, again for whatever reason felt the need to drop the mic:

After pushing way back a concert tour and dealing with a flopped summer song with more Twitter feuds, you'd think Azalea would spend her time scheming on how to avoid that great, yawning pit of mediocrity that reaches for her career.

Everyone's gotta pick their own fights.

There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
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While many were speaking up and protesting in the streets over the Eric Garner decision, two pop stars were taking out their anger on each other in a series of aggressive tweets.

In case you didn't follow the curse-laden, semi-coherent stream of consciousness on Twitter Wednesday, Azealia Banks was mad that Iggy Azalea wasn't speaking up in support of the black community over the recent grand jury decisions in the killing of two black men by white cops.

Banks thinks Azalea, whom she refers to as a "wannabe black girl," owed this to her black fans which helped get her where she is today.

"If you're down to ride with us," she wrote. "you gotta RIDE ALL THE WAY."

She also segued into calling gay men misogynistic and throwing out gay slurs - for some reason - in the middle of her rant.

Eventually Iggy Azalea responded calling Banks a troll, and scolding her followers for "finding any reason to promote shade, trolling, fan fights and memes."

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In a breathtaking display of infinite maturity, here's the meme-ified back and forth between musicians Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg - with bonus commentary from Nick Young, Azalea's boyfriend. Luckily it's not like they aired their little spat publicly online where everyone can see what they've done and make fun of them for being a bunch of petulant babies.

Oh wait.

UPDATE: Snoop has publicly apologized for this and much more egregious videos he's posted calling Azalea a number of unmentionable names. The real hero of the story? Tip, the King of Atlanta, AKA T.I., who helped Snoop come around on the matter.