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New footage of a 15-year-old Michael Phelps was uploaded today where the now-Olympic Gold medalist says his goal was to just compete in multiple events in Athens.

He went on to win 6 gold and 2 bronze medals during those summer Olympic games.

What a humble kid!

Phelps goes on to talk about other teenager stuff, like getting a driver's license and becoming the best swimmer in the world. Ya know, struggles we all have.

One thing we know for sure, Phelps started doing his signature lip-licking thing at a very early age.

And in 2015...

Tom Hanks just answered a bunch of random Reddit questions yesterday.
Via Reddit
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Charming everyman Tom Hanks must have been pretty bored yesterday.

He obviously had a hankering to do a Reddit AMA, even though he's already done one. But instead of waiting for Redditors to ask him again what kind of sandwich he prefers, the tenacious Tom went around to different subreddits to find questions he felt like answering.

The results are adorable.

He talked about what movie he made that he thinks deserves reconsideration.

He answered many questions.

Like, a part of his job many people may not know about:

Something he thought was awesome as a teen, but ridiculous now:

Gave a weird six-word story:

Gave advice on what to buy to fill an unknown hole in your life:

Gave his favorite TV theme song:

Gave what he thought would have been the most underwhelming announcement from NASA on Mars

Gave his scariest movie moment:

Apparently, he really, really hates reality TV.

He recommended a book on Soviet history:

And gave advice on what to do when you're under the weather.

What a dad.

And in the end, he gave his favorite quote:

Thanks, Tom Hanks.

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Joe Biden has many facets. He's America's uncle. He's a brazenly honest person. And he's also someone who has had a lot of tragedy befall him.

As rumors continue to swirl about a possible Biden presidential run, he came by The Late Show to talk to Stephen Colbert about many things.

What came next was a very candid and heartfelt talk about the recent loss of the Vice President's son Beau and the death of his first wife and daughter years ago. The talk was even more heightened when Biden compared his experience to Colbert's, who suffered his own harrowing childhood tragedy.

It's a really touching talk and one that casts and incredibly human light on the office of Vice President and Biden himself.

Here's part two of the interview:

And if you need a light hearted refresher after all the heavy talk, here's that picture of him giving a shoulder rub:

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Step aside Cara Delevingne and take your bad interview with you. We've not a new contender for atrocious press junket of the summer.

Atlanta's Rock 100.5 Morning Show radio host Steven J. Rickman and interviewer Jason Bailey either aren't really into interviewing or are way too into making their guests uncomfortable. In this video, they spend most of the time asking some cringe-worthy questions of Kate Mara, who will play Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, and Michael B. Jordan, who will play Johnny Storm.

The two shock jocks launch into questions about race — always a good ice breaker for summer blockbuster actors. They could not understand how Mara and Jordan were to play siblings since one is black and the other is white.

Then, they laid into Mara about why she cut her hair short, because she it was so attractive before.This is a class move, which women appreciate. That was sarcasm.

Luckily, Rickman found a way to smooth the whole thing over by saying he's a "toe-man" and that Mara has great feet.

Enjoy your morning trainwreck!

And if you're curious, we've got the Fantastic Four trailer for you over at Geek Universe.

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Well, that didn't go as planned.

Doing countless interviews for a press junket must be interminable, and it can only get worse when a early morning show anchors harangue you about your lack of energy.

22-year-old supermodel, turned actress, Cara Delevingne had such an interview last week with the crew from Good Day, Sacramento. She came on the show to promote her first movie, and the newest John Green adaptation, Paper Towns.

While it begins with some light sarcastic remarks, things swiftly take a turn towards a train wreck. After three questions, one of the anchors straight up asks her why she isn't more excited.

The anchors waste no time after Delevingne signs off to publicly throw some serious shade over the Suicide Squad actress.

She already responded to the awkwardness on Twitter.

Luckily, Zach Braff had her back.

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Ray Kaunisto of the Kalamazoo Wings had some fun in a recent post-game interview, slipping in a little reference to the 2001 comedy "Super Troopers."

He managed to get about 7 "meows" in his answers before the interview ended.

Maybe he's just excited for the sequel to come out, which Steve Lemme says will be partially funded with the help of Kickstarter with filming to begin sometime in 2015.

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Comedian/activist Russell Brand was protesting on Downing Street this week with some east London residents who fear they might be evicted, when things got a little heated.

A US Investment firm called Westbrook Partners purchased their property earlier this year, and the company reportedly plans to refurbish the units and raise rent to nearly triple what it is now - effectively forcing the people out of their home.

A Channel 4 reporter asked Brand if he thought the super rich, like himself, were partially responsible by moving into the area and affecting the property market. According to the Daily Mail, he pays £5,000-a-month and lives less than a mile from the troubled estate.

Needless to say, Brand was not amused.

Via ABC News
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As protests continue around the country after the grand jury decision in Ferguson, we are now hearing about the incident from the officer himself.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos spoke with Wilson Tuesday in his first public interview, asking him to describe in his own words what happened that night.

Wilson says there is nothing he would have done differently that would have prevented Brown's death, and that he "just did my job."

Brown's parents are also making the talk show rounds, and they are saying Wilson's interview is "disrespectful" and "like insult after injury."