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President Barack Obama came back for the seventh time to The Daily Show July 21 before John Stewart takes his leave from the show after 16 years as host.

A candid Obama answered Stewart's ongoing questions about the last year's continuing Veterans Affairs controversy, the Iran nuclear deal and senioritis in his last 18 months in the oval office.

They also talked about Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and shared thoughts on how to introduce more civic interaction.

In one of the more striking uses of Obama's power, the president did threaten an executive order that would keep Stewart behind the desk of the The Daily Show, stopping Stewart's impending Aug. 6 departure. Stewart had to claim that it was more of a state's right issue and that he would still retire from the show.

Obama's seven visits to The Daily Show has spanned almost the whole of his political career. He first showed up in 2005 while he was still an Illinois senator and would continue to stop by on election cycles and off.

"You've been a great gift to the country," Obama said to Stewart at last night's appearance.

You can watch the whole episode here.