Rude Cross Stitches Your Grandma Definitely Didn't Make

When you think of cross stitch (or any type of embroidery), you probably picture a sweet little old grandma sitting in a rocking chair, creating something wholesome. And it's almost definitely Jesus related. But these rude cross stitches certainly weren't made by grandmas. And if they were, sign me up to be their granddaughter! Scroll through these less-than-wholesome embroideries and laugh. Would you hang any of these up in your house?

pictures of rude cross stich designs | thumbnail includes two pictures of cross stiches Text - It's not a crack house It's a crack home, Life is harder than nipples
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Fashion of The Day: These Chickens Get Custom Knitted Sweaters For Winter
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A woman in the UK doesn't give cluck what you think about her obsession with knitting sweaters for her chickens.

She's just happy to help them stay warm this winter.

Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann have been rehoming Battery hens for years now. Battery hens, which spend most of their lives in cages to lay eggs, have trouble acclimating to cold weather once rescued.

So these two animal lovers just knit them tiny, adorable sweaters.

They don't charge anyone who might need a chicken sweater, but they ask that a donation be made to a children's charity in Africa.

Some people as far as Canada have inquired about the sweaters.

Lookin' good, chickens. Lookin' good.