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Jerry seinfeld gets the cops called on him for starting a lemonade stand.
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The one time Jerry Seinfeld tries to help someone, the cops get called.

In an attempt to raise some fun money for his wife's Baby Buggy family charity, Seinfeld, his son Julian and two of the youngster's friends set up an impromptu lemonade stand in East Hampton last week.

Not everyone in the Hamptons appreciated the philanthropic gesture according to the Huffington Post.

East Hampton Village Police received a complaint on Aug. 18 about illegally parked cars at the stand, The East Hampton Press reported. An officer arrived on the scene and told the comedian that lemonade stands were not permitted on village property, and that he'd have to shut it down. "No Lemonade For You," the newspaper's headline read, referencing the Soup Nazi' character's "No soup for you!" cry on Seinfeld's hugely popular sitcom.

Luckily, Seinfeld and his temporary employees were able to have a little fun with it and posted their reaction to the call on Instagram.

That's a shame.

joshua smith Kickass Kid lemonade stand save detroit - 6488016128
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Joshua Smith was determined to help Detroit ease its desperate financial burden. So he did what any industrious 9-year-old would do -- he launched a successful lemonade stand.

Joshua's new business, which he ran with his pals for five days last week, garnered more than $3,340 in donations, with "sales" pouring in from as far as Canada, South Africa, Uganda, and the U.K.

By Friday, he had received an award for outstanding achievement from the Detroit City Council, sold lemonade to members of the University of Michigan's men's basketball team, and been awarded a $2,000 college scholarship from the Rosa L. Parks Scholarship Foundation.

"I'm really happy that a lot of people supported me," Joshua said. "It was successful but tiring."

Detroit will use the proceeds from Joshua's stand to maintain a park and playground near his house.