Your Locks Will Never Be Safe Again With The Lock Picking Lawyer's Latest Revelation

The Lock Picking Lawyer is a popular YouTuber who spends his time examining every type of lock imaginable, and finds the weaknesses, if there are any, in each. Rarely does he find a lock he can't break into. But most locks at least offer some sort of resistance. This recently-made popular Chinese lock has been sold at a premium all over e-commerce sites, but how safe is it really? The Lock Picking Lawyer is here to show us just how unsafe it is.

The lock is so easily surpassed, he manages to run through every one of his tools in under 5 minutes. You know a lock is in trouble when the guy trying to pick it is frustrated with himself if he doesn't get it open in under 5 seconds.

Lockpicking Lawyer shows us how easy it is to unlock one of the more popular lock models right now with every tool at his disposal
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