'Every Straight Girl' Tweets Are Hilarious Satire For Any Girl Dating A Loser

"Every Straight Girl on this Site" is a tweet that refers to women who have positive qualities who date men with negative qualities. The original tweet was specifically about women who live in beautiful apartments dating men who sleep on a dirty, disgusting mattress on the floor. People on Twitter have since begun exaggerating the scenarios into complete satire, resulting in hilarity.

tweets about women who date awful men
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Loser of The Day: Martin Shkreli Fakes Fractured Wrist After Bernie Sanders Refuses Donation
Via Gawker
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Giant man-toddler and "Most Hated Man in America" Martin Shkreli just can't stop digging that hole.

The guy who raised prices of a life-saving cancer and AIDS drug by over 5000 percent is really, really mad right now.

Why is he mad?

Because Bernie Sanders wouldn't accept his campaign donation.

He wasn't feeling the Bern, so he went and fractured his wrist.


A reverse image search shows that his "fractured wrist" is just a stock image.

What do you have to say about that, Mr. Shkreli?