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Today on The Daily What Geek: Inside the scientific power of music

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Won: The gold medal for fastest texter in America, by a 17-year-old from Wisconsin
  • Experimental: Beck's new album, which will be released only as sheet music
  • Legitimized: BitTorrents, now that the Internet Archive offers more than 1,000,000 torrents for download
  • Cool: A former undocumented immigrant took silver for the U.S. in the 1,500m
  • Also Cool: An American runner helped his relay team make the Olympic finals on a broken leg

Lunchtime Lady: Tessa Codina

Lunchtime Leisure: Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad (via)

Lunchtime List: The 7 Most Heartbreaking Olympic Moments

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Today on The Daily What Geek: The new trailer from the animation geniuses at Studio Ghibli is amazing

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Cray: Ben Bernanke, who thinks student loans are not a problem
  • Signed: Futuristic purchasing platform Square, with Starbucks
  • Apologetic: The girlfriend of the suspect in the Sikh temple shooting, to victims
  • Ignored: The Sikh temple shooting, compared to the Colorado movie theater shooting
  • Upgraded: Minesweeper, in the latest updates to Windows 8
  • Unveiled: A potential redesign of Wikipedia dreamed up by a creative agency called New!

Lunchtime Lady: Precious Muir

Lunchtime Leisure: Dual Custody (via)

Lunchtime List: Behind-The-Scenes TV Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

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Today on The Daily What Geek: The best student-animated short film you'll see all week

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Free: Top-of-the-line dildos, from Trojan-sponsored hot dog carts in NYC, in a today-only publicity stunt
  • Promised: Higher pizza prices, by Papa John himself, because of Obamacare
  • Finally: Arrested Development Season 4 begins shooting today
  • RIP: Songwriting legend Marvin Hamlisch
  • Rumored: Justin Timberlake has started working on solo album No. 3
  • Impressive: A new "spray-on skin" that heals hard-to-treat wounds

Lunchtime Lady: Niki Liner

Lunchtime Leisure: Stable Boy (via)

Lunchtime List: The 10 Sexiest Movies Ever Made (Not Safe For Work)

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Today on The Daily What Geek: Mr. Plinkett is back with another Star Wars review

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Betrayed: The Today show, by decades-long superfan Linny Boyette, who showed up at Good Morning America today
  • Saluted: All men who aren't as fast as Usain Bolt, by Durex
  • Honored: A 1982 Honda Civic, with a proper funeral after 170,000 miles
  • Requested: Compensation funds from the state of Florida, by Trayvon Martin's parents
  • Crushed: NBC, by the BBC's Olympics coverage

Lunchtime Lady: Edita Rink

Lunchtime Leisure: They Love You (via)

Lunchtime List: The Funniest Internet Reactions To Curiosity Landing On Mars

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Today on The Daily What Geek: Conan reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Escaped: Amish youth, to New York, for TLC's Breaking Amish
  • Emblazoned: Gymnast Gabby Douglas, on a Corn Flakes box, the morning after winning all-around gold
  • Endorsed: Mitt Romney, by pr0n star Jenna Jameson
  • Fighting: Sen. Harry Reid and Mitt Romney, after Reid alleged that Romney hadn't paid taxes for 10 years
  • Clarified: Ryan Lochte's mom's use of "one-night stand" to describe her son's typical behavior

Lunchtime Lady: Shantal Monique

Lunchtime Leisure: CLOP (via)

Lunchtime List: The 36 Best Tumblr Pics From 1991


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Today on The Daily What Geek: The Doctor Who Series 7 trailer is here at last

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Fail: James Holmes' psychiatrist thought he could be a danger to others
  • Held: A best-dressed contest for opossums, by a school in New Zealand
  • Debuted: Oprah's real hair, on the cover of the new issue of O
  • Planned: A real-life Jurassic Park, with cloned dinosaurs and everything
  • Crunched: The numbers on Mitt Romney's tax plan

Lunchtime Lady: Kayla Cook

Lunchtime Leisure: Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad Version (via)

Lunchtime List: 6 Crazy Things Conservatives Have Compared Birth Control To

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Today on The Daily What Geek: Introducing the Legend of Zelda western

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Confirmed: Rush Hour 4
  • Booted: 8 badminton Olympians from two teams, for trying to throw a match
  • Relaunched: A revamped Digg, just six weeks after it was bought for a measly $500K
  • Compared: San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, to Obama, after being tapped for the keynote at the Dems' convention
  • Genius:, which replaces your friends' baby pics in your Facebook Newsfeed with awesome stuff

Lunchtime Lady: Keli Anna Sewell
Lunchtime Leisure: Organ Trail
Lunchtime List: 15 Inspiring Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protests
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Today on The Daily What Geek: The trailer for The Dark Knight Returns animated flick is out

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Sympathetic: Jayson Blair, to ex-New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer's struggle to tell the truth
  • Embarrassed: A Muslim TV reporter at the Olympics, after he was kissed by a fan while observing Ramadan
  • Arrested: The 17-year-old who harassed Olympian Tom Daley about his dad's death on Twitter
  • Vindicated: The 11-year-old who bungled the national anthem at a MLS game this past weekend
  • Approved: A laser treatment to reduce stretch marks, by the FDA
  • Announced: Mitt Romney will announce his VP pick via smartphone app
  • Sued: Nielsen, for billions, for allegedly manipulating TV ratings data
  • Tapped: Bill Clinton, to give a coveted prime-time address on the second night of the Democratic National Convention

Lunchtime Lady: Lisa Zalic

Lunchtime Leisure: Spelunky

Lunchtime List: 13 People Who Don't Know What "Literally" Means

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