An English millionaire decorated his mansion with children's gravestones.
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One English Millionaire property developer is trying as hard as he can to be a James Bond Villain it seems.

Kim Davies was ordered by a judge to pay £300,000 for breaking planning laws in the use of 150-year-old children's gravestones in the renovation of his country mansion.

Taking them from a run-down Welsh church that he also own, Davies cemented the gravestones into the mansion's walls and used them as flagstones in a patio.

The Daily Mail broke down the fines and the judge's opinion of the crimes.

Davies, who owned the disused chapel at the time, has now been fined £60,000 and ordered to pay another £240,000 costs for breaking planning laws.

Davies's own costs in the last three years were estimated at more than £250,000. He has already sold his Aston Martin and a Lamborghini Spider to raise funds for his court costs.

Issuing the fine, Judge Williams said the work Davies had done to the seven-bedroom house was 'vandalism'. He told him: "You turned the house into something comparable to a hidden palace of an iron curtain dictator."

The gravestones were from mostly the 19th century and some originally marked the burial sites of babies.

Prosecutor Nicholas Haggan said, "One was the grave of David, four, Rose, three and Thomas who was just 11 months old when he died. These headstones were inserted into the walls of Llanwenarth House as decorative stone plaques."

Surely this is not something that's trending in contemporary interior design.