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Come for the mozzarella sticks, go home with a bloody nose.

TGI Friday's "Mobile Misteltoe" has had its first casualty, crashing into a woman's face a chipping off a piece of her nose, according to Brooklyn Daily.

The two remote-controlled helicopters dangling sprigs of mistletoe were intended to spread holiday romance, but one of them flew out of control and clipped Courier photographer Georgine Benvenuto in the nose with one of its spinning, uncovered blades.

The drone operator was attempting to land the device on the reporter's hand, when it veered off and hit Benvenuto.

TGI Friday's says it hasn't had any other accidents in its test flights, and that it's safe because ""we do not let consumers touch it."

The drones are part of a marketing campaign by the restaurant chain in which the devices fly above customers heads while they eat, forcing them to kiss.

The bloodshed is just an added bonus… because drones will be drones!