Dick Pic of The Day: Someone Made a Portrait of Donald Trump Out of 500 Schlongs
Via Reddit
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Art truly does imitate life.

Tumblr user homopower created this mosaic portrait of GOP presidential candidate and carnival barker Donald Trump. But this is a special mosaic.

This mosaic just happens to be made with over 500 images of peens.

The responses to the photo on Reddit were amazing.

Someone tweet this to him and don't tell him it's dick pics. See if we can't get him to retweet it. - hurtsdonut_

Please remove the picture of my dick from this picture. Column 12 row 8. - NIM89

You all laugh at this, but as much as you think he detracts from society, someone spent time making this rather than doing anything productive. - JSmithWriter
William Shatner asked fans for help with this Leonard Nimoy tribute.
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William Shatner put out a call to action from all the Trekkies in the world Aug. 1, asking them to take a selfie of Spock's famous salute.

He didn't say what it was for, only that it would be a tribute to the Leonard Nimoy, six months after the actor's death.

Shatner also spoke out on his Who Say page asking for the same thing, without giving a hint as to what he would do with the collection of photos.

On the evening of Aug. 9, he shared what because of all the fan selfies:

The mosaic uses over 6,000 selfies from fans throughout the globe, honoring the late Mr. Nimoy with the 'Live Long and Prosper' salute.

The tribute was also done for the charitable scavenger hunt organization Gishwhes, which is run by Supernatural actor Misha Collins.

Additionally, Shatner tweeted that the mosaic had been submitted for a Guinness World Record. He didn't specify which one, exactly. Most selfie Spock? Best Leonard Nimoy tribute? Most feels on a Monday?

Regardless, it's great.