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finnish government offering guaranteed income to the unemployed
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While everyone’s packing their bags for Canada, the smart ones will be headed for Finland.

“Why Finland?” you ask. Well, the Finnish government is going to be the first European country to pay the unemployed a basic monthly income of €560 or $587.

This isn’t just done for nothing. This is a social experiment, which aims to “cut government red tape, reduce poverty and boost employment, according to The Guardian.


The experiment won’t be open to everyone, but rather 2,000 randomly picked citizens who are already on unemployment. The trial will run for the next two years.

Olli Kangas of KELA, the Finnish government agency responsible for the program said of the experiment, “It’s highly interesting to see how it makes people behave. Will this lead them to boldly experiment with different kinds of jobs? Or, as some critics claim, make them lazier with the knowledge of getting a basic income without doing anything?”

Either way: