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YouTube rapper Kitty Pryde has ridden the Tumblr wave to become the week's biggest music meme after her latest Internets-inspired track, "Okay Cupid," garnered positive reviews from Vice, The Fader, and even the New York Times.

Vice's Luke O'Neil gives props to the youngster's odd mix of humor, sex, hashtags, and ingenuity: "Kitty Pryde is basically the much sharper, self-aware, suburban high school version of Kreayshawn."

Kitty Pryde weighs in:

I don't think I'm following in her footsteps or anything, but the same kind of thing is happening, like 'Oh she's cute, this makes me laugh. It's not good, but it's funny.' You send the link to your friends, and then it's a big joke. Which is good, that's what I wanted. But I want people to laugh with me, not laugh at me.

[thanks, don!]