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norman reedus fan bite A Fan Took The Walking Dead Way Too Seriously and Bit Norman Reedus at a Convention
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During a picture taking session at a Walker Stalker Con in New York/New Jersey a fan got a little (okay, a lot) overexcited and bit Norman Reedus. Someone named Michael Bowman posted an eyewitness account on Facebook which showed up as a screenshot on the website Spoil the Dead. 

via spoilthedead

Later the woman herself posted an Instagram picture of the moment before and apologized. The Instagram account is private but a screenshot of the image and comment has been showing up in multiple publications of the story. 

via @harleygurl68

Norman Reedus did not press charges but he did respond with a picture of himself wearing a shirt that used to say "Bite Me" which he altered to say, 'DO NOT BITE ME' on his Instagram.