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Sofian Khan, professional dick photographer, is here to help you out. Check out a 'dickumentory' trailer that Khan is in below.

The Dickumentary from Capital K Pictures on Vimeo.

Dick Pic of The Day: Someone Made a Portrait of Donald Trump Out of 500 Schlongs
Via Reddit
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Art truly does imitate life.

Tumblr user homopower created this mosaic portrait of GOP presidential candidate and carnival barker Donald Trump. But this is a special mosaic.

This mosaic just happens to be made with over 500 images of peens.

The responses to the photo on Reddit were amazing.

Someone tweet this to him and don't tell him it's dick pics. See if we can't get him to retweet it. - hurtsdonut_

Please remove the picture of my dick from this picture. Column 12 row 8. - NIM89

You all laugh at this, but as much as you think he detracts from society, someone spent time making this rather than doing anything productive. - JSmithWriter
Justin Bieber's dad should have stayed out of his son's naked picture scandal.
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Well. That's awkward.

Of course, we all know that naked pictures of Justin Bieber broke the damn Internet this week. It was bound to get around to his dad as well.

Jeremy Bieber should have just let the whole thing die down without weighing in.

But that's not how this guy rolls.

So he tweeted this out Oct. 9.


Ew, ew, ew.

He should have thought about his son's feelings more than his son's peen.

Justin ain't too happy about it and his legal team is already on the case to find justice.

Daddy Biebs should have probably reacted more like Chrissy Teigen's expert analysis.