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Friday Night Lights creators fight over Cailtlyn Jenner
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When Caitlyn Jenner accepted the Aurther Ashe Award for Courage July 15, for many it was an empowering, beautiful moment of acceptance for transgender people. Unfortunately, it sparked a row between the two minds most responsible for the acclaimed television show and film Friday Night Lights

Peter Berg, who directed the Friday Night Lights film and developed the series through its five-season run, was not too happy with the ESPY award given to Jenner. And like all people with opinions these days, took his voice to social media.

Berg posted the following to Instagram:

So, here's where it gets a little interesting. Both the Friday Night Lights film and show was based on a book reported and written by Buzz Bissinger. Bissinger also wrote the the famous Vanity Fair article that introduced Caitlyn Jenner to the world.

Berg and Bissinger are cousins and worked extensively on both the Friday Night Lights film and television.

Bissinger gave a respectful response to Berg's comments July 16 through The Hollywood Reporter.

I love Pete,I am not in the business of censoring his comments nor he mine. He said what he believes, rare to begin with and unheard of in Hollywood where disingenuous discourse is the universal traffic.

Caitlyn Jenner gave a heartfelt and powerful speech. She was obviously humbled and honored. She is an inspiration to all of us who struggle with difference and that includes me.

American society is all too quick to condemn and humiliate.

Jenner's speech, of course, had nothing to do with this row, and many outlets are calling it a moving, powerful thing. So, if you'd like, watch the full acceptance speech below instead of treading through the criticism.

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Friday Night Lights writer-director Peter Berg is not impressed that Mitt Romney has co-opted the series' infamous "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" phrase on his Facebook page and in his campaign speeches:

Here's his biting letter to the Romney campaign:

Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series. The only relevant comparison that I see between your campaign and Friday Night Lights is in the character of Buddy Garrity — who turned his back on American car manufacturers selling imported cars from Japan.

Fun twist: Buzz Bissinger, who wrote the book on which Berg's movie and TV series are based, is a Romney supporter.