Celebration of The Day: Little Girl Loves Gets CVS-Themed Party Because She Loves The Store so Much
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Kids are delightfully weird.

Iris, a 4-year-old girl from Fayetteville, Arkansas had a very unique birthday wish that came true.

She really, really, really loves CVS Pharmacy. So much so, that she asked her mom to throw her a CVS-themed birthday party.

"Ultimately she loves CVS because she knows it to be a dreamland of snacks, chocolate milks, and toys," her mom, Sarah Fortune Gill, told BuzzFeed.

Smart girl.

Party decorations included a CVS cashier stand, CVS cake and, of course, an official CVS name tag for Iris.

There were even some CVS brand adult beverages for the adults.

The local CVS heard about the party and sent over some goodies. And they sent her this message.

Happy Birthday, Iris!