Social Media Frenzy of The Day: Patti LaBelle's Pies Sell Out in Record Numbers From Walmart
Via Yahoo
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"You'll turn into Patti LaBelle after eating this."

That's a promise YouTuber James Wright "Chanel" made in a musical review of the singer's new sweet potato pie. And the people listened.

Walmart's across the country are running out of the tasty pies.

From Yahoo:

Walmart representative John Forrest Ales confirmed to Yahoo Food that the sweet potato pies are selling like hot cakes (er, pies) at locations across the country. "For 72 hours, we were selling one per second," he told us. Ales wouldn't go into specifics about sales figures, but at $3.48 a pie, that works out to just under $1 million in sales over the weekend. The pie's product page is currently the most-visited food site on Walmart.com, Ales said.

Those who couldn't get a pie are pretty upset.

And if you can't wait for Walmart to stock back up, the $3.49 pies are being sold on Ebay for ridiculous prices.