Australian Comedian Recreates Celebrities Photos And It's Hilarious

Australian comedian, Celeste Barber is imitating celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miranda Kerr to highlight how unrealistic celebrity posts are.The comedian has been doing the hilarious photo challenge for over two years and started it 'for a laugh' with her friends. So Funny!  

funny recration of celebrities photos
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Parents recreate daughter's selfies and it's wonderful.
Via Buzzfeed
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Emily Musson and her boyfriend love taking selfies. Emily's parents love making fun of them.

Musson got in the habit of regularly uploading pictures like the following, showcasing the couples photogenic-ness.

She then shared an album of them on Facebook, because that's what Facebook's for.

Her parents immediately started trolling.

It was incredible.

Musson posted it to Twitter and it's currently sitting at almost 50,000 retweets, because people like good stuff.

The San Francisco Giants remake the Full House title sequence
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As further proof that the 1990s won't die, the San Francisco Giants recreated the title sequence from a little known show called Full House.

Obviously, you Full House was also set in San Francisco, so the Giants are well within there territory. The same cannot be said of Canadian Dave Coulier.

There's no telling whether this also has anything to do with the Netflix re-launch of the series, but surely it doesn't hurt.

If you want to be reminded of the original sequence, or if you've been in a coma for 30 years and have never seen it, here's your hourly dose of nostalgia: