Roland Emmerich

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Emmerich claims himself a visionary, and one who has no time for 'superhero fare' inspired by his films. Fair to say, Emmerich's about to be dealt a nice serving of blowback based off the following incendiary remark he made about Marvel superhero movies...

“I’m a big believer in original ideas. I tell this to every kid who comes to me and says they want to be a filmmaker. I say, ‘Do what you want to do and don’t let yourself be talked into anything.’ When you look at my movies it’s always the regular Joe Schmo that’s the unlikely hero. A lot of Marvel movies, they show people in funny suits running around. I don’t like people in capes. I find it silly when someone dons a superhero suit and flies. I don’t understand it. I grew up in Germany, that’s probably why.”