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Reactions of the Day: Late Night Hosts React to Trump Win

There are so many hot takes on the 2016 Presidential election. Take your pick. You can read about polling data, demographics, and/or a million other excuses for why every expert got this thing wrong. But if you want a little sugar with your medicine, you can turn to late night TV hosts.

Here's a rundown of how TV after 11 is reacting:

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Election Day is a week away, which means that our long-national nightmare, i.e. this election, is almost over. That also means that we have about three months left of the Obama Presidency.  

In one of her famed Presidential exit interviews, a tradition since 2016, Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, sat down with the President. The two covered a lot of ground in this short interview, discussing the election, Obama's Halloween costume, voting, and what he'll be doing after he leaves office. 

However, we are a little concerned about one part of the interview, when Obama said, "I would hope that you'd be willing to take about the same amount of time you spend looking through cat videos on your phone to make sure the democracy's working."

Please don't take that as invitation to stop looking at cat videos on your phone altogether. We'll still be here when you get back from checking in on the democracy next week.

And now back to your regularly scheduled cat video:

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Samantha Bee has a centaur centered comeback for Vanity Fair's talk show story.
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Earlier today, Vanity Fair tweeted out a promotion for their big story on what's so good about current late night programming.

You may notice it's a real sausage fest in there.

To be fair, Vanity Fair did mention the lack of gender diversity in their story:

What's conspicuously missing from late-night, still, is women. How gobsmackingly insane is it that no TV network has had the common sense—and that's all we're talking about in 2015, not courage, bravery, or even decency—to hand over the reins of an existing late-night comedy program to a female person?

And they did mention comedienne Samantha Bee's upcoming TBS late night talk show. She, however, decided to respond directly to the tweet, imagining herself in the picture with the rest of her peers.

And then followed up with the kicker:

Really, a Samantha Bee centaur shooting lasers out of her eyes says it all.