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Selfies have proven more dangerous than sharks in 2015.
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Put the selfie stick down.

There have been a lot of global deaths this year connected with selfies. And with the death of a 66-year-old Japanese tourist trying to get a picture of himself at the Taj Mahal, it brings up a whole lot of questions about why we are risking our lives to get these snapshots.

The Guardian had compiled some of the stories behind these unfortunate deaths in trying to answer the larger question of 'why?'.

The incident now takes the death toll of officially recorded selfie-related deaths to 12. Previous incidents this year include a man who was gored to death taking a picture during a bull run in a Spanish town, and two men who accidentally blew themselves up in the Russian Ural mountains when posing with a live grenade. The picture was discovered saved to the camera roll on one of the men's phones.

Other selfie related deaths this year in Russia alone include a 21-year-old woman in Moscow who shot herself in the head while pointing a 9mm pistol at her temple, another who reportedly fell from a bridge and a teenager in Ryazan who died when coming into contact with live wires while snapping a portrait near to railway tracks.

They mention that 'hundreds' of injuries led Russian authorities to compile a nation-wide safety campaign to increase selfie awareness.

Mashable put their best accountants on it and found out that our vain exploration to take pictures of ourselves has caused more death than sharks.

They have a helpful chart to accompany the information.

What the hell is happening?

Why can't you people control yourselves?

Keep it together, world.


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