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She wants you to use WHAT on your face?!

Beauty blogger and man juice aficionado Tracy Kiss has a pretty controversial beauty secret—skeet.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube page earlier this week, the beauty blogger uses semen harvested from friends and rubs it on her face. She says she is not involved in the "extraction" of the materials.

Although, she notes, that when she is married she will perform this regimen every morning. (Hey, fellas!)

Here's what she says about the facial on her blog:

As the beauty consumer, it is our own personal preference to ensure that products we use are acquired from an organic and sustainable source, manufactured in a safe and non-hazardous way and not tested on animals if this concerns you as it does me. Unfortunately for my semen facials a human organic c*ck is badly beaten on a regular basis in order to produce a mask, which some people may find disturbing; however I am reliably informed that the level of distress was kept to a minimum at all times, as obviously battery c*cks cannot provide the produce required or I would have been well stocked for life. I would also like to stress that I am not present during the donation process, as I simply receive it in a plastic container fresh from a sensible friend who delivers it to me after in his own time.

Oh what a world we live in.