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Does Snapchat exhaust you? Are you tired of holding your phone to snap and watch snaps? Are you desperate for a new way?

Snap, Inc., the company that was once Snapchat but wants to expand to other products, has expanded to a new product. Meet “Spectacles,” a $130 pair of sunglasses with a camera in them. This isn’t Google Glass, though. You won’t be forcibly removed from a bar for wearing them. Rather these are an unassuming pair of shades with a tiny camera that allows you to snap handsfree. Finally, your fingers can take a break for once.

In addition to the new tech, Snap will be releasing the glasses via mysterious vending machines, which appear and disappear without warning. The location of these "Snapbots," as they're called, will be made available on this website. Also, they look like Minions, so, you know, there’s that.

via @Spectacles

Only time will tell if users will save Spectacles to their Camera Rolls or allow time to runout and let them vanish like so many dog-faced selfies. Until then, we’ll keep an eye out for stories of people getting their arms stuck in these vending machines, trying to score a free pair of glasses.

via Simpsons World