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If you're a hipster L.A.-girl who likes to skateboard, then the new Snapchat video sunglasses called "Spectacles," are made just for you.

As Snap's (formerly Snapchat) first product, they take 10-second (up to 30 seconds) of hands-free video clips you can upload to your account. You can now take video as you do your normal, relatable, routine of skateboarding in an empty swimming pool, skateboarding down the beach sidewalk, or even skateboarding while holding hands in a chain with your hipster girlfriends!

For all your skateboarding Snapchat usages, they cost $130 and are being distributed to a select group to hype them at this time. Designed by tech heads, the reviews are mixed as people decide if they actually want to try this one out.

Check out the spec's--ahem--specs here, and tell us in the comments below if you'd buy these.